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0865V Cross Sawn Pine 720C Plus HD - Floorte Pro Click | Shaw LVP

Cross-Sawn Pine embraces farmhouse style with distressed pine barn board visuals.

Floorte Pro
Shaw Floorte Pro Cross-Sawn Pine Click LVP comes in 4 colors and utilizes a click-together installation for easy install. Each vinyl plank has a rustic and reclaimed aesthetic. ScufResist® Platinum Finish features an extremely wear resistant UV cured polyurethane finish designed to provide ultimate resistance. Floorte™ by Shaw has immproved dimensional stabilty. Reduced contraction and expansion in areas with intensified temperature and direct sunlight.

Floorte's vinyl based construction makes it waterproof which makes it ideal for high moisture areas such us basements, bathrooms, mudrooms and kitchens. Floorte™ luxury vinyl planks combine the best features of laminate and vinyl.

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Click on images below for room scenes.

Distressed Pine 00164
0869V Cross Sawn Pine 720G Plus HD Distressed Pine 00164
Reclaimed Pine 00166
0869V Cross Sawn Pine 720G Plus HD Reclaimed Pine 00166
Salvaged Pine 00564
0869V Cross Sawn Pine 720G Plus HD Salvaged Pine 00564
Antique Pine 05006
0869V Cross Sawn Pine 720G Plus HD Antique Pine 05006
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Our samples are approximately 3" x 4" for color and texture reference only. They are not full size samples.
Up to 6 samples per order are free. Need more? Give us a call. For a small fee, we can ship them to you.
Please note: Actual colors may vary slightly on screen. It's best to compare colors in person.
Our pictures are only meant to help guide you with your color choices. Samples are recommended.

Each Case Contains:
Width : 9"
Length : 59"
Planks per Carton : 6
Sq Ft per Carton : 21.79
Cartons per Pallet : 64
Sq Ft per Pallet : 1394.56
Pallets Per Truck :

Due to the Manufacturer's Internet Pricing Policies,
we are not allowed to publish our online price.
For inquires on Shaw LVP call us at 1 (800) 226-8727

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Qtr Round : VSQT1 | 94"L
Stair Nose : VSSN1 | 94"L
Omni Trim : VSUN1 | 94"L

0865V Cross Sawn Pine 720C Plus HD

Manufacturer : Shaw
Construction : Floorte Pro EVP
Finish : ScufResist™ Platinum
Product Look : Wood
Case Weight : 47 lbs
Sold by case : Yes
Installation : Fold-N-Tap
Installation Grade : Above, On, Below
Overall Thickness : 6.5 mm
Wear Layer Thickness : 20 mil
Edge Type : Lacquer Bevel
Class : Commercial & Residential

Made in China.

Floorte Pro Installation Tips
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