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LokWorx™ - EcoWorx™ Carpet Tile Adhesive | Shaw

LokWorx™ is non-toxic and odorless!

LokWorx Carpet Tile Adhesive by Shaw

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LokWorx™ is a pressure sensitive adhesive for the installation of EcoWorx carpet tile. This non-toxic and odorless system provides an alternative to wet adhesive. LokWorx™ virtually eliminates the issue of VOCs, and provides ease and versatility of installation. Since the box serves as the dispenser, it makes LokWorx™ easy to store, maintain and use.

Floor preparation is limited to smoothing floor and clearing dust and debris. LokWorx™ can be installed over concrete, VCT, VAT, cutback adhesive, raised access floors, pressure sensitive and multipurpose adhesive, wood and finished hardwood.

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LokWorx™ Specifications

LokWorx™ Installation Guide

Storage: Unlimited shelf life. Store under 120 degrees.
Moisture Testing: Up to 5 pounds, 85% RH and 12pH.
Approved Subfloors: VCT, VAT, terrazzo, raised access floors, finished hardwood & concrete.
Floor Preparation: Level and clean - refer to full installation guidelines for more information.
Application: Apply tabs according to application chart and roll with a 75 lb. roller.


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