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Commercial Carpet - Broadloom Carpet | Patcraft Commercial

Patcraft commercial broadloom products are designed with performance in mind.

Style BT301 Achieve It Commercial Carpet
Your flooring is the foundation of your commercial space. It is an investment that will last for years to come. Protect that investment by choosing high-performance flooring. Ensure your floors look their best for years to come by choosing one of Patcraft's commercial broadloom carpets. From high-durability backings and fibers to high standards for installation and maintenance, Patcraft products are engineered to perform even in the most demanding environments and are 100% recyclable!

If you need help choosing the perfect flooring to suit your needs, we are here to help. We even offer free carpet samples. Call us today for your best sale price! Toll Free: 1 (833) 383-0581

Prices listed below do not include freight.

Color Your World Ultraloc® Pattern I0131 Commercial Carpet
Color Your World
Ultraloc® Pattern I0131

28 Oz
33 Colors Available
$2.03 sq ft/roll
Famous Last Words Ultraloc® Pattern I0147 Commercial Carpet
Famous Last Words II
Ultraloc® Pattern I0147

28 Oz
12 Colors Available
$2.08 sq ft/roll
Pace ClassicBac® I0250 Commercial Carpet
Pace ClassicBac®

22 Oz
8 Colors Available
$1.34 sq ft/roll
Sabre ClassicBac® I0202 by Patcraft
Sabre ClassiBac®

36 Oz
60 Colors Available
$2.07 sq ft/roll
Work It ClassicBac® I0124 Commercial Carpet
Work It
ClassicBac® I0124

26 Oz

4 Colors Available
$1.59 sq ft/roll

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Please Note:
*Because of the size and weight of carpet rolls,
we recommend that you have your order shipped to a business
with a loading dock or arrange to have the carpet picked up at the truck dock by your installer.

**We also recommend that you have your carpet installed by a professional carpet installer.

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