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Emergent AH006 - Vinyl Plank Flooring | Aladdin Commercial

Emergent LVP by Mohawk offers incredibly realistic wood visuals!

Emergent AH006 LVP
Emergent LVP by Aladdin Commercial is strong and durable, but soft underfoot. It will maintain a comfortable temperature for all seasons. This vinyl plank flooring resists heat and sunlight. It will maintain its shape and stability at temperature extremes. Mohawk luxury vinyl planks are waterproof which makes it ideal for kitchens and baths. Emergent has a durable protective top layer that resists scratches, dents, and stains from family pets. It is durable for high-traffic areas such as a living room or den. Easy to clean and maintain.

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Flax Straw 141
Emergent AH006 Flax Straw 141
Basketry 142
Emergent AH006 Basketry 142
Burnished 342
Emergent AH006 Burnished 342
Split Rail 358
Split Rail 358
Stone Brown 363
Stone Brown 363
Antiquity 812
Antiquity 812
Mocha Accent 829
Mocha Accent 829
Abbey Stone 918
Abbey Stone 918
Canyon 938
Canyon 938
Iron Gate 949
Iron Gate 949
Garden Wall 958
Garden Wall 958

AH006 Emergent LVP by Aladdin Commercial LVP

Please note style number and color number/name and then click here for our sample request form.,

Our samples are approximately 3" x 4" for color and texture reference only. They are not full size samples.
Up to 6 samples per order are free. Need more? Give us a call. For a small fee, we can ship them to you.

We cannot advertise our low prices.
Please call us at 1-833-383-0581 to request a quote.

Price Request Form

Don't forget to order your trims and moldings!
(please include color number when ordering)

Other accessories to order if applicable!

Adhesive : M95.0 Resilient Flooring Adhesive,
MS160 Spray
or M700 Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

Suggested Underlayments

Mohawk AccuSoundTM

Each Case Contains:

Style Number : AH006
Width (Inches) : 6
Length (Inches) : 48
Case Qty : 18
Sq Ft per Box : 36.00
Cartons per Pallet : 60
Sq Ft per Pallet : 2160.00
Product Look: Wood
Case Weight: 30 lbs
Sold by case: Yes
Product Type : Commercial Grade Luxury Vinyl Tile
Gauge : 2.5mm
Wear Layer : 20 mil (0.5mm)
Finish : M-ForceTM 1 Enhanced Urethane
Classification : ASTM F1700 - Class III, Type A - Smooth,
Type B - Embossed
Squareness : ASTM F2055 - Passes - 0.010 in. max
Size and Tolerance : ASTM F2055 - Passes - at ±0.016 in. per linear ft
Thickness : ASTM F386 - Passes - ±0.005 in.
Flexibility : ASTM F137 - Passes - 1 in. / No crack or break
Dimensional Stability : ASTM F2199 - Passes - 6hrs@180F, 0.12% Static
Load Limit : ASTM F970 (modified) - 1500 psi
Residual Indentation : ASTM F1914 - Passes - Average less than 8%
Slip Resistance : ASTM D2047 - Passes - > 0.5
Resistance to Chemicals : ASTM F925 - Passes - No Change
Resistance to Light : ASTM F1515 - Passes - ^F < 8
Resistance to Heat : ASTM F1514 - Passes - ^F < 8
Critical Radiant Flux : ASTM E648 - Passes - > .45 watts/cm2, Class 1
Smoke Density : ASTM E662 Part A - Passes - <450
Castor Chair Test : Passes
Installation Floating : Glue Down
Optional Underlayment : Mohawk ActiveSoundTM
Certification : FloorScore® Certified
Warranty : Limited 10 Year Commercial Warranty,
Limited 25 Year Residential Warranty

Note: Actual colors may vary slightly on screen. It's best to compare colors in person.
Our pictures are only meant to help guide you with your color choices. Samples are recommended.

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