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Drift Tile TDRF Carpet Tiles - Commercial Flooring | Cambridge


Quik QUK Carpet Tiles

Click on images for larger view.

Sunlit Haze DRF10
Drift Tile TDRF  DRF10 Sunlit Haze
Room Scene
Shimmering Pearl DRF12
Drift Tile TDRF Shimmering Pearl DRF12
Room Scene
Golden Flux DRF20
Drift Tile TDRF Golden Flux DRF20
Room Scene
Diffused Sepia DRF25
Drift Tile TDRF Diffused Sepia DRF25
Room Scene
Radient Sea Glass DRF34
Drift Tile TDRF Radient Sea Glass DRF34
Room Scene
Forest Glow DRF36
Forest Glow DRF36
Room Scene
Glistening Slate DRF38
Glistening Slate DRF38
Room Scene
Silver Spotlight DRF54
Silver Spotlight DRF54
Room Scene
Cool Spark DRF57
Cool Spark DRF57

Room Scene
Morning Fog DRF70
Morning Fog DRF70
Room Scene
Steamy Espresso DRF75
Steamy Espresso DRF75
Room Scene
Eclipse DRF78
Eclipse DRF78
Room Scene
Choose Color

Our samples are approximately 3" x 4" for color and texture reference only. They are not full size samples.
Up to 6 samples per order are free. Need more? Give us a call. For a small fee, we can ship them to you.

Does not include freight. Freight charges will be added.
A mandatory $0.30/yd2 assessment on every square yard of carpet and/or carpet tile sold into California
will also be added as required by the state of California.

Delivery Type:

Delivery State Price per CASE:
Cases Needed:

Drift Tile TDRF Modular Carpet Tiles by Cambridge

Each Case Contains:
Width : 24"
Length : 24"
Tiles per case : 18
Sq ft per case : 72
Sq yds per case: 8
Cases per pallet : 16
Sq ft per pallet : 1,152
Weight per piece: 2.51 (lbs)
Weight per case: 45.25 (lbs)
Sold by the case.

$ Sq Ft
+ Plus Freight

For inquires call us at 1 (800) 226-8727

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*Must use Beaulieu Adhesive on Tiles or Warranty is Invalid.

Don't forget to order your Accessries!
If purchased separate from order,
there is an additional freight charge.

Click here to view adhesives.

Cove Base is also available.

Construction: Patterned Scroll
Backing: Nexus® Modular
Dye Method: Solution Dyed Nylon
Fiber Type: Encore® SD Ultima® (with recycled content)
Face Weight: 24 oz./sy
Pile Density: 6448 oz./y3
Pattern Repeat: N/A
Gauge: 1/12
Stitches Per Inch: 10.66 stitches
Total Thickness: 0.134 inches
Standard Size: 24" x 24"
Intallation Method: Monolithic, Quarter Turn
Standard Adhesive: Commercialon Premium
Modular and LVT Adhesive
Standard Warranties: Commercialon Adhesive for Modular
Carpet & LVT, Nexus Modular, Encore SD Ultima Fiber
Optional Warranties: Tile Tabs

ProSept® Antimicrobial: Optional
ProTex® Soil Release: Standard
Sentir® Odor-Blocker: Optional

LEED Contribution: Nexus® Modular
NSF 140: Gold Certified
Total Recycled Content: 46.11%
Flooring Radiant Panel: Class 1
Smoke Density: Less then 450 Flaming (ASTM E 662)
Static Test: Less then 3 kv (AATCC-134)
ADA Compliance: Compliant For Accessible Routes
Pill Test: Yes
Lightfastness: Yes

Note: Actual colors may vary slightly on screen. It's best to compare colors in person.
Our pictures are only meant to help guide you with your color choices. Samples are recommended.
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