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Business to Business Carpet Direct

Carpet on a Business to Business Direct Basis

The following styles are tried and proven winners.
For 20 plus years, we have manufactured and supplied carpet and carpet tile
to such organizations as the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, Intel Corp., I.B.M.,
major insurance companies, hospitals and many more.
Now through the internet we can offer you our carpet products on a direct basis,
thus providing you with great savings for your corporate needs.
We manufacture several attractive, all time favorite styles of commercial carpet and carpet tile,
plus we do a wide variety of custom designs and styles
(Call for quantity requirements on custom manufacturing).

We can save you money and supply you with high quality
commercial carpet and carpet tile.

We can also do customer styles and colors. Call us for details.
Like to look closer? Have some questions?
Call us! We'll be happy to answer your questions and provide you with samples and specifications.
Full, easy to read installation instructions for your maintenance personnel
are shipped with every case of our tiles!

Pricing? Samples? Other questions?
Call Vicki
1-833- 383-0581

We can provide carpet wall base (cove base) made from the same BTB direct carpet you order for your rooms and halls.
Call us for a price quote.
We also have in stock 98 colors of solid color carpet wall base.

Prices listed below do NOT include freight.

Please Note:
Because of the size and weight of commercial carpet rolls,
we recommend that you have your order shipped to a business
with a loading dock or arrange to have the carpet picked up at the truck dock by your installer.

We also recommend that you have your carpet installed by a professional carpet installer.

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